Forum Members Review Virginie Viard’s Deauville-Inspired Fall 2024 Chanel Collection

Kicking off the final day of Paris Fashion Week, Virginie Viard presented her Fall 2024 collection for Chanel earlier today. A lineup rich with Parisian influences featuring renowned Chanel tweeds, belted coats and blazers paired with oversized headwear – all the while inspired by the French seaside resort of Deauville. In a love letter to the French commune, Deauville was of course where Gabrielle Coco Chanel opened a boutique in 1913. On the boardwalk-inspired runway right in the heart of Paris, models like Gigi Hadid and firm Viard favorites Rianne van Rompaey and Vivienne Rohner sported oversized floppy straw hats and new variations of Chanel’s iconic flap handbags. Prior to models hitting the boardwalk, a short film starring Brad Pitt and Penélope Cruz opened the show.

Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“The hats and boots only made it worse.” [Mrs.T]

“Virginie Viard’s Chanel is so limited. This is giving more Loewe pre-Jonathan Anderson than Chanel. The clothes are not beautiful nor flattering.” [tourbillions]

“Vile. One of Viard’s worst collections indeed (not that the rest were good by any mean). I’m shocked bosses at Chanel are OK with her shows. This brand has gone from the top of the top to the most absolute irrelevance. I am sorry for Virginie, because she’s lovely, but she has no talent to be a creative director.” [Creative]

“I am so confused. Where is this frumpy woman going in a sun hat, all these heavy layers, and what could only be described as boots for an Arctic hooker? Explain Virginie! EXPLAIN!” [VogueDisciple93]

“The big hats just don’t work well with most of the outfits, and the rest is as stale as the previous ones.” [JohannesL]

“This was paaaaainful to watch. I couldn’t even finish. But looking the photos now I rest assured that I didn’t miss anything. So uninteresting, unflattering, tacky, stuffy… and the hats were hideous!” [Ihhbl]

“How can Chanel have been so bad for so long without change? The show has become a parody of itself and the butt of all jokes, season in season out. There is no excuse when you have the resources that Chanel has. Imagination and creativity are the only limitations at a house as big as Chanel and the person at the helm has none. Those looks were quite frankly, hideous.” [signifier]

“She tamed her usual ugliness, however that doesn’t make a good or even interesting collection.” [yslforever]

See all the looks from the Chanel Fall 2024 collection and join the conversation, here.


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