Forum Members Review Nicolas Ghesquière’s 10-Year Louis Vuitton Collection for Fall 2024

Around 4000 guests descended upon the Cour Carrée du Louvre situated right in the heart of Paris tonight, to bare witness to Nicolas Ghesquière celebrating 10 years as creative director of Louis Vuitton. Ghesquière’s showcase closed out the Paris Fashion Week calendar in spectacular style, with a set boasting a giant futuristic iridescent spiked ball and equally as enormous speakers. Front row attendees like Cate Blanchett, Gemma Chan and Léa Seydoux were soon watching models move throughout the historic courtyard setting donning feather-adorned dresses, oversized mittens, broad-shoulder blouses and voluminous embroidered skirts. To say the Vuitton show sent PFW out with a bang would be an understatement.

Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“What a cool set.” [signifier]

“Silhouette for days. So much more accessible than normal but still has a good amount of dreamy looks. I am sure somewhere out there, there are already customers fighting over the embellished coats. Some looks reminded me a lot of his Balenciaga which I have missed. I think Louis Vuitton now has replaced Chanel for the dreamy shows. The set, the opulence, the fashion!” [tourbillions]

“The set is everything.” [matheus_s]

“This is fabulous! I can always count on Nicolas to do the job and deliver. Maybe not the best collection of the season but these clothes have fashion energy and I can always appreciate that because it’s lacking so much in with other fashion houses.” [ghostwriter10549]

“I love seeing his texture exploration and these 10 years have been lovely in terms of fashion exercise! He’s a master and his mind is fascinating.” [thiago]

“It was such a great show! Full of references! The furry gloves he did at Balenciaga, the references to his own Vuitton collections! 10 years ago on the morning, we were excited for that new challenge for him and now 10 years later, at night we were celebrating his achievement. Fashion with a capital F! He is still the best ever for me! Stunning show, outstanding.” [Lola701]

“He is the best living fashion designer in the world. Nobody does it like him, they don’t even try it. Nicolas is far above his peers, and even a ‘low key’ collection like this one proves it. I pity young designers for not wanting to be like him. They don’t understand what makes his work so special, preferring to chase ‘fashun’ moments that disappear at the very moment of their virality. More years of Nicolas, please!” [Alquimista]

See all the looks from the Louis Vuitton Fall 2024 collection and join the conversation, here.


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